Wednesday, December 14, 2011

About the Author

After Jesus saved me in 1999, one of the first things that I began to do for the Lord was to write devotionals. I've continued writing devotionals and Bible studies for a few blogs that I've created; but, until recently, I had not written anything more than that. That is, I hadn't written anything more voluminous or significant until the Lord gave me this book to write in 2006. He gave me all the titles for every chapter. The only problem was that I did not know anything about three of the four sections of the book. In other words, I could understand and write about the topic of being "blessed," but I could not even begin to understand the topic of "brokenness." So, I put the manuscript aside. After three and one-half years in a tumultuous second marriage, the Lord allowed me to experience brokenness, for the first time, in my journey of faith. I now understand and can write about that topic. This book is about the Lord's process of turning ordinary believers from being vessels of wood or clay, into vessels of gold; sanctified for His use for the sake of His kingdom. Do you want to be the Lord's servant? Count the cost and press on to the Prize of the "high" calling in Christ Jesus!

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